What should Indian students do?


Followed with the immense study and hard work in order to study Master’s in US. Students are been put on hold by the authorities.

Trumps tightening  norms:

First of all President Donald Trump signed an executive order Tuesday titled “Buy American, Hire American” no protest against this as this has been done in order to protect their workers. But the another statement i.e “With this action, we’re sending a powerful signal to the world and we’re going to protect our jobs and finally put America first,” this implies as if the Trump is threatening the World.

Indian IT industry

Indian IT companies are bound to face disruptions with this campaign.

Talk with a student

My question to the applicant was why is he trying to seek admission in US?

He replied “Most universities in our country lack in technology and research facilities. So it is no surprise really if students seek opportunities abroad, particularly the US.

Why US companies hire India employees?

The very simple reason behind that is Indian employee has greater ability to do work as compared to the US employee with less pay scale.

Now the current situation states that most of the student are disgusted with the norms and the certain changing decisions.

” Probably America is now out of the picture”

What are the Indians Lacking ?

Any aspirant from India or any other country applying to the US universities wishes that his work must be appreciated and paid with that enough value. Finally the survey states that India does not provides that fat packages as compared to the US.

If we look at the overall figure of this phenomenon we come across the problem i.e the value of Dollar against Rupee.

Furthermore it can be stated as, an employ in US earns in dollars and after certain duration being worked till his 45-50 age  returns India with his savings which when converted in India currency generates a large amount.

Government’s Responsibility.

Apart from this issue there is a real need for us to increase the value to Rupee. Which is the solution to many ongoing and upcoming problems. Coming back to the migration issue this is very right situation to use country’s talent in country’s development. Seems like Government is also responsible for the migration of students. I don’t know exactly what are the requirement or expectations of the students from government.

Students can comment their demands, requirement, problems whatever it may be below the post or at the given link- https://www.facebook.com/gooindigenous/

Which would be forwarded with an interview and the expected solution will be provided to all of the problem.

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Kunal Patil.