What’s wrong with us Indian’s ??? Surrender Snapchat an objection by every India.

Snapchat CEO claims:

  • India “too poor” to consider expansion

  • Snapchat Only For Rich (Not India)

  • I don’t want to expand into poor country like India.

    Surrender Snapchat an objection by every Indian.

    We are too poor to use it.

Indians are increasingly downloading Snapchat on their smartphones, but the company’s CEO feels India is “too poor” to seriously consider expanding its user base.

Anyone please tell him that India is a rapidly growing market with Internet tapping expected to grow 3 times by 2020. Inspite of that snapchat has nearly 3-4 millions users in India can’t say the exact figure.

Hence he has an inaccurate reflection of the Indian’s and the market.

So lets show him the lavishness of all of the Indians’. All snapchat users, uninstall the App now.

Because we are not worth such social platform, so its better to QUIT.!!!

This would exhibit the entire market that how poor or rich we are.