Do you have a startup idea? No. Then how to get it?

First of all


has a primary challenge which is ensuring that, Is the bussiness idea viable or not?

So In my recent post ENTREPRENEUR’!- A new face of drift today. I have discussed that what does an ENTREPRENEUR mean. I hope you all have read it. If not then doo read is soon.

Startup element’s

Hence the individuals already having an idea must focus on the further topics while those not having an idea. Lets see how to get a startup idea.

Startup- Idea:

Either starting a new company the first step for an Entrepreneur is finding a right idea to start with. The best way to do so is not to think of an idea.

Sounds Strange ! What I mean to say is either than finding a new idea we must try to solve our present problems, which can’t be exactly termed as problems. It can be any thing which you, friends or family must be facing in your day to day life.

Futhermore making it more simpler.You should aim at solving a problem that  exists, and attempt to solve the problem, or to recreate an experience that betters what an individual or a business would be going through today.

After analysing a problem, as an entrepreneur, it is important to assess your venture idea.To do so, you should ask yourself following questions:

  • What?
  • Who?
  • How?

What are you solving ?

For who are you solving?

And last but not the least How are you solving?

After  getting  the answers of this. You must check the opposition i.e Is there anyone solving it?   If yes then think about how better you can solve it?Will you be able to participate ?

Consequently after doing all this. Check that will your customer’s pay you for your solution?

I hope that this content  would be valuable for you and your startup.

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