Get ready now to get on request food service.

Hello! Happie to introduce you the on request food service.

Boredom of cooking at home. Here it is first time ever in the history of Dhule. People would be experiencing the privilege of getting their favourite food on their doorway.

Yeah, Our Dhule has many popular food place’s. So now instead of visiting there in the rush of the traffic and getting the food. Get it on request. Which would save your time.

So we are going to start food home delivery service which would be consisting of the food from breakfast to dinner, delivering to each corner of the city. The deliver service would be including the healthy fast-food, softdrinks, natural juices etc.

Hence all you need to do is list all the favourite place where you visit frequently for breakfast, lunch, dinner whatever it may be and send us the details about the place, the person and the special food item. Comment this at

Through this information we could satisfy all our customer needs by delivering the products liked by the customers, at their delivery point.

Since we are starting up this idea. So for implementing it we need a team, representatives, co- workers, delivery boys etc. Intrested applicants as per their qualification can mail us at email-id:  

Finally your information provided would save our time and give us an idea about your likes and dislikes through which we can startup soon possible.

If any individual having any suggestion or an idea, may provide it through the same above given link. Your involvement is always welcomed and cherished.

Help us to grow and serve you better.

Thank You.