According to analysis its been observed that most of the Engineers in India are not fit for IT jobs.

Over thousands of engineering students form IT related branches of over hundreds of colleges only 2-3% students can write correct codes.

Hii I am 2nd year Computer Engineering Dropout. I was not that capable of being a engineer.

Most of the reader are well familiar with me that’s near about 35-40% are the returning visitors of while remaining 60-65% are the new visitors according to the Google Analytics.

Probably I am not that worth to be known uptill now, but soon I will be. Not a big deal whether you know me or not but my opinion about Engineering is as follows:

Students leave Engineering because they see it as “a learning environment that fails to motivate them and is unwelcoming.” and its not just my opinion but I have seen many such students even you may be one of them.

Secondly very rare are those who willingly wants to become an Engineer other’s i.e majority are among those whose “Parents refuse to believe that their wards have cheated on the truth about completing the course. By their second or third year of engineering, the students understand that this is not their cup of tea. From then onwards, it is a mental battle for the student to complete the course and keep the pride of the family on one side and on the other side is one’s own interests that remain a dream,”

I was not having any desire to-be one among them. So the situation was like ” Between the devil and the deep sea

Free advice for all readers

” Nothing will change until you change. If you keep doing same things that you were doing before then the result will be same as before.

I am the live example. Now many of my mates ask me what’s wrong? What happened? Why you left over your habits and all?? Blah blah. This was the answer for your question. I hope you got that now. While most of them ask, How can I write so well in English to them the answer is ” To get something that you never got before you have to do that you have never done and i.e hardwork and practice. “

Since I have started writing blogs, learning digital marketing, exploring myself towards trend and following it. In conclusion started an affiliated program with Amazon. As you can see the top bar of the site consisting of a new option named Amazon which would redirect you to the Amazon site directly, in future you  will be updated with all new offers with this site so keep connected.

Apart from that I have been certified by Google Adwords which is a very progressive step.






Soon I will be working on Google Adsense module after completing two more Certification with Google.

Seems like found a way to move ahead. Through the journey not more than 3-weeks, I know how much I have worked. So Speaking isn’t enough, Implementation is important and Similarly Knowledge isn’t enough action is important.

I look at myself with the point of view that what I can do, but others look at me with the point of view that what I have done. With this I strongly recommend you that believe in yourself you are the only one to change youself.

Except being a Blogger, I am also one like you from among you. So help me to grow with your support.

Your friend

Kunal Patil.




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